Sharmili Roy

This is my personal space where I scribble down random things from my experiences here and there. Please go back to the home page for a more disciplined me.

Travel Stories

Tailoring itineraries is no child's play. Thousands of seemingly silly questions pop up while making travel plans to a new place. I am penning down my travel stories that answer some of these silly questions. These pages sketch detailed itineraries filled with "ground-truth" prices and first hand experiences.

Memoirs of being a first time Mom

Things to buy before a baby arrives, toys that may be liked by my baby, when and what food to give to a toddler.. if these are your questions, this is the right page. Whatever successful and failed experiments I conducted, or rather my baby was subjected to, is written here.

Singapore Life

Various official and not so official experiences are shared in this page. Read on for details.

Photo Board

These are a few photos that I am very proud off :).